Tarin at Successories (August 29, 1996)

Tonight I went for a walk at Oak View Mall at 144 and West Center Road in Omaha. I ran across a little store that is called Successories. Tarin was behind the cash register and was very nice to me. I told her that I had written an article in the newspaper on success and gave her a copy of it. I told her that as of today 14 people have written to me in response to the article. She said she would write to me also.

I bought a card for a friend (Sue) who's birthday was August 27th. (I only found this out today.) I also bought a book titled "Life's Little Instruction Book" by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.. Item number 4 in the book says to "Remember other people's birthdays". I would have remembered Sue's birthday, if I had only known about it! I'll surprise her tomorrow with the card (it has a rainbow on it) and maybe a plant.

So check out Successories at the Oak View Mall or the Westroads Mall in Omaha. Or visit your local bookstore and ask for this book. Tell them that Dan from "Spring 2 Life" sent you.

NOTE: Very soon Spring 2 Life will have it's own URL of "spring2life.com". Cool! Stay turned.

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