TEAM 845, Count = 15 (August 30, 1996)

I talked to the Omaha World-Herald yesterday. I called Janet Rogge and asked her how much it would cost to reprint "To Be A Success In 1996". Would I get a discount or not, since it was already printed once on August 18th. NOT! It will cost $845 again. Janet also says the rates will go up on October 1st. Great!

So I thought of TEAM 845. Have 845 people contribute $1 to "Spring 2 Life" to pay for the advertisement. This is like going to the moon. Is it possible to get 845 people to each write a $1 check for this cause? I do not know. This is very interesting. Do I have 845 friends?

The names and locations of the 845 people will appear at the bottom of this page. If you have a Home Page and/or e-mail address on the Internet, include that also. (You can be Anonymous also like that guy that wrote that book, but at least give us your location. Thanks. Just write Anonymous somewhere on the check.) Write "TEAM 845" on the check somewhere. When the total gets to $845, I will call Janet and tell her to print it again as soon as possible in the Sunday paper in the Entertainment Section. You might collect $1 checks from people at work or church or in your neighborhood or on the street. Do we have a common vision? Let us work together to achieve this goal! Cool! Just like Apollo 13. Make your $1 check payable to "Spring To Life". This is tax deductable. (Big deal!) If you want to contribute more than $1, it will go to pay for the next advertisement on September 22, 1996 or other advertisements. Do this on a separate check from the TEAM 845 check. I call an effort like this GRR (Grass Roots Revolution) like in the 60s and 70s. I will not deposit the checks in the bank (the bank will love this) until I get all 845. If we get more than $845, we will just print it again the next Sunday and over and over until the message gets out. Some people that I've talked to do not get the newspaper, so make copies for them.

A line will be added to the bottom of the advertisement that reads:

"This was paid for by 845 people who want you to be a success!"

I ask that you wear a name tag when you are out and about. We need to get to know each other. That is one of my dreams that we would know everybody's name in our town, school, church, business, neighborhood, etc.. Just how many friends can someone have?

The snail mail address is:

Spring To Life
P.O. Box 991 (Note 11/23/2002: This Post Office Box does not exist anymore)
Omaha, NE 68101-0991

These are the names of TEAM 845 so far:

(1) Dan Boeckman, Omaha, Nebraska USA

(2) Joe Ferrante, Council Bluffs, Iowa USA

(3) Ron Lenhart, Omaha

(4) Pam Westphal, Council Bluffs

(5) Alan Vu, Omaha

(6) John Chambers, Omaha

(7) Dola Mehsling, Council Bluffs

(8) Larry Legler, Omaha

(9) Ron Kramer, Omaha

(10) Rachel King, Omaha

(11) Jacob King, Omaha

(12) Bill Altman, Omaha

(13,14,15) Anonymous (at Bakers 132 & Center), Omaha

Dan Boeckman's Home Page

Dan Boeckman's e-mail address:
(Note 11/23/2002: This email address is not valid anymore.)

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